Linux How To's and Articles

Andrew J. Nelson
7 July 2011

This section of WebGnuru focuses on providing How To's on working with many different aspects of Linux. I use primarily Slackware, and these articles will reflect that bias. (As the truism goes, if you want to learn Ubuntu, use Ubuntu. If you want to learn Fedora, use Fedora. If you want to learn Linux, use Slackware.) WebGnuru primarily is intended to focus on open source solutions to IT opportunities. (Some people call opportunities "challenges", or even "problems". When I was younger and thought I was cynical, I felt people who called problems "opportunites" were self deluded. Now that I am older, and know that I am cynical, I have learned that almost all problems truly are opportunities; at a bare minimum any "problem" presents the chance to learn something!)

Tux, The Linux Penguin

A new rendition of Tux. Original work by Larry Ewing.

Now that I have waxed philosophical on life and its opportunities, I'll return to what this section of WebGnuru is all about: practical use of Linux in a business environment. Linux offers many integratration opportunities, providing services and resources that are reliable, inexpensive, and, most importantly, open source. Samba file servers, CUPS print servers, email servers, MySQL databases with PHP front ends, Apache web servers for internet and intranet sites, and Rsync daemon backup servers are just a few of the backend services that open source offers without the users ever knowing anything is different in their Windows domain. (Well, maybe the email server if you take their Exchange/Outlook calendars away. I have to admit, Outlook is pretty nice.) And if you want to tip over the apple cart and move everyone's cheese around, Firefox and LibreOffice are front end applications that can make a wonderful introduction to the open source world for users.

But, enough cheerleading for the Open Source team. Check out the navigation pane to the left for a series of Linux related How To's, and enjoy. Some were created from my personal use of Slackware Linux, and others come from what I do for work. I hope that they are useful to you.

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